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We are happy to welcome XpertHealth to the Clienk family! It was our pleasure to interview Madeleine – their Business Development and client journey manager, who took her time to tell us about the journey of XpertHealth and Clienk.


About XpertHealth

XpertHealth is a specialist in health management and provides consultation in international medical care, corporate health , and innovative health-related products and services. They offer personal guidance for physical and mental health, general wellbeing, and lifestyle advice and connect therefor clients, health care specialists and insurances

The idea of XpertHealth

A consultation service for individuals and companies, the mission of XpertHealth is to support a healthier and conscious life.People can contact them for any health-related questions or for getting help in navigating through the healthcare landscape of Shanghai. Within 6 years they’ve evolved a lot.

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Nowadays, their services range from providing health consulting for people to organizing health-related workshops for companies , and their employees, covering topics such as back and neck issues arising from sitting on a chair the whole day with bad posture, screening and assessments of the employee’s health, challenges to promote a healthy lifestyle but also to advise people on their health and where they can find specific health advice.

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In a way, their goal is for people to lead a healthier life, without having to worry about missing on leisure and work due to health complications. Besides, by advising companies on how to better promote their healthcare and healthy lifestyle offers within their work environment, as well as helping employers analyze patterns of absence among their staff, XpertHealth ultimately aims to deliver a 360-degree view of your employee’s health and wellbeing.

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XpertHealth Customer Service team is based in Shanghai and the Netherlands. They work with different time zones, allowing them to engage with more and more users.

Clienk’s platform helps both teams to:

  1. Combine users and inquiries coming from different channels the website live chat, their WeChat mini-program, and their Cory.Care APP into one single platform.

  2. Simplify the workflow for health Xperts (no need for the team to use an own private WeChat anymore, everything is centralized into one single platform)

  3. Use surveys to get real-time feedback after each chat.

4.Simplify the workflow to answer health-related customer questions and to connect them to the XpertHealth network

Why mini-program?

Xperthealth’s objective is to localize and integrate with the user’s environment.

With mini-programs they can combine their consulting services with intelligent offerings of health-related products, sports equipment, services, etc.

Communication is professional and streamlined, and it helps new users understanding better what XpertHealth provides.

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Key features Clienk Customer Service Workstation

✔ Integration of multiple social communication channels into one platform.

Agent workstation configured with quick replies and common topics.

✔ Reporting and management backend connected to XpertHealth Salesforce for an even deeper CRM integration.

Simplified workflow

Both teams can follow up on consumers' requirements and reach out individually, check visitor’s profiles and conversation history, as well as follow the complete customer journey from the first time they contacted XpertHealth.

Powerful insights

With access to the entire user’s conversation history among the different channels, no information is lost or repeated, and this clarity of data provides powerful insights and improve engagement with the customer.

WeChat Image 20210208122955Madeleine

It helps a lot for our work since all the communication channels we have are connected to one single platform, with consumers' profiles and chat history. I find quick-replies very helpful, especially when it comes to dealing with a lot of incoming messages.


By using Clienk, XpertHealth has transformed the way it manages customers across the world. The platform enables teams on two continents to work together seamlessly, reduce 50% of the time spent texting users, and ensure that XpertHealth can get real-time user feedback. These efforts helped XpertHealth to achieve a great relationship and communication between users and health experts.