How to keep your existing customers shopping?

Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs 6 times more than retaining a customer?It is important to ensure that customers are always happy, even when they experience a problem.Investigation shows that brands that give high-quality contact center also have a higher customer satisfaction score!


Our CEO once said ‘Never let your customers leave without the smile as they walk out of your store’



Take online shopping for example, many people can’t live without it and it is a necessary daily entertainment for many people!

Out for food, drinks, clothes, night life people still tend to ‘online shopping’ to find a good location, better offer, and suitable options.

Somehow there is also a group of people would like to chill at home and online shopping at home..

Online shopping is surely a very pleasant thing to do, but I also believe there are problems that appear when you are online shopping, such as the delay in delivery, agent message reply slow, I want to return the product but customer service is not online, agent don’t speak English, package arrives when you at work, etc. (Yo, I feel the PAIN too)

It makes me unhappy and I don’t want to shop with them anymore.

So, how to fix this?

Optimize your contact center and make it high quality and fast!

And the first thing is to check if your agents have the tools they need? Do they have the full customer history across communication channels or are they able to easily see my shopping history?

For a lot of brands instead of only investing big in marketing they should check their customer service spendings too.

Market investigation also shows that smart, fast and good customer service retains more consumers and will boost your NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Every single time a customer leaves you with a bad feeling, you need to spend 6 fold the acquisition costs the next day to get 1 back…

NPS Examples on Website Chat