Clienk Launches New ChatGPT-Powered Agent Support for Enhanced Contact Center CX

As contact center becomes increasingly important for businesses, Clienk is proud to announce the launch of its new ChatGPT-powered agent support. With this new feature, Clienk customers can benefit from more efficient and effective contact center that’s powered by the latest AI technology.

By integrating ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, into its contact center platform, Clienk is able to provide faster, more personalized responses to customer inquiries. The technology enables contact center agents to understand customer needs more accurately and respond with greater precision, resulting in a better overall customer experience and therefore drives loyalty and sales.

Our customers can modify ChatGPT’s system prompt (the way to teach ChatGPT about specific knowledge) themselves and can have multiple versions at the same time. Our customers are flexible to setup dedicated versions for sales teams, support teams or even multi lingual teams, each of them with dedicated and specific knowledge.

“Providing excellent contact center is crucial in today’s highly competitive market, and we believe that our new ChatGPT-powered agent support will help our customers achieve that goal,” says Thomas Knoop, CEO of Clienk. “We’re excited to be at the forefront of this technology and look forward to seeing how it benefits our customers.”

The ChatGPT-powered agent support is available on Clienk’s platform for all channels including Chat, WeChat, WhatsApp, Phone, E-Mail, Facebook, Weibo, Instagram, e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee or your own App. Customers who use Clienk’s platform will automatically have access to this new feature, and can start enjoying the benefits of enhanced contact center right away.