Clienk Launches AI Chatbots Powered by ChatGPT for Enhanced Contact Center CX

In today’s competitive market, providing an excellent contact center experience is crucial for any business. Recognizing this need, Clienk has launched its new AI chatbots powered by ChatGPT.

With this latest feature, Clienk customers can now benefit from a more efficient and effective contact center, where they can upload documents or connect their website to allow ChatGPT to learn and reply to inquiries. The data is kept on a private cloud, ensuring customer privacy is maintained, and not shared with OpenAI.

Integrating ChatGPT’s advanced AI language model into its platform, Clienk provides personalized responses to customer inquiries. Moreover, this technology enables contact center agents to understand the customer’s needs better and respond with precision, resulting in an improved overall customer experience.

Customers are free to modify ChatGPT’s system prompt, which helps ChatGPT learn specific knowledge about their products or services. They can have dedicated versions for sales teams, support teams, or even for multilingual teams available simultaneously. Clienk’s platform supports all channels such as chat, phone, email, Wechat, Facebook, Weibo, Instagram, e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee, or their customers' own App.

“By providing the latest AI technology to support our customers, we ensure they stand out in the market and increase customer loyalty,” says Thomas Knoop, CEO of Clienk. “We believe that our new ChatGPT-powered AI chatbots will help our customers achieve this goal and look forward to seeing the benefits it brings.”

If you already use Clienk’s platform, the new ChatGPT-powered feature is available to you now. Contact Us and start enjoying the benefits of enhanced contact center CX with Clienk’s AI Chatbots powered by ChatGPT today.