A couple of days ago we launched Clienk at one of the contact centers in Shanghai, we think it is good to have a deep talk with one of the employee’s so we decided to …

This is a real interview!

About this article: I would like to give you an example in a Clienk way by showing our actual case through an interview between me and a supervisor!

Who is the interviewee?

Rebecca has been working at a contact center for over 5 years leading a team with 25 agents in Shanghai. She started working as an agent, so she knows exactly what issues they need to solve with her team. Unfortunately they had poor functionality from their previous software and a lot of extra work on monthly reports…

She contacted us for a better solution.

After some weeks we implemented everything and helped her company onboard Clienk we are happy to hear some positive feedback from Rebecca…

The interview starts:

  1. Can you tell me why would you like to use Clienk in three words?

‘Simple, fast, local China support.'

  1. How would you describe the role of your contact center representative?

‘Our representatives are actually called brand ambassadors, and we expect the agents to fully represent and act like the brands that we work for. Elegant, personalized and with the highest level of service.’

  1. How many channels do you use now? And how many agents are using Clienk?

‘Currently our brands use telephone, Wechat, Weibo, and Web in China, our international offices also use WhatsApp and Facebook. We have 100 brand ambassadors in China and 350 globally.’

  1. Can you measure the average time you spend per customer session through Clienk?

‘Yes, now we know this up until the second. Our phone calls are less than 3 minutes and our chat session are below 6 minutes. Before we did not have any actual data, it was based on manual logging in excel sheets.’


  1. How much work could you do before you started using Clienk? And how about after?

‘Before using Clienk we spend on average more than 10 minutes, which was mainly spend on updating external systems. And now that everything is integrated, we save about 4 minutes per session.’


  1. What is the most frustrating part about your previous situation?

‘Before everything was separated, we used 2 software systems and excel and also, we had a very slow connection to HQ (Head Quarters) who had our main CRM system.’


  1. Can you tell me which tools Clienk provide you to monitor and manage your teams including workloads?

‘We have a very convenient live dashboard where I can exactly see how busy it is and who is doing what. Based on the queue waiting times I can now easily increase maximum capacity per agent so that everybody has the same workload.’


  1. How do you check previous conversations with your customers now? Can you give an example?

‘Since we use Clienk we have all the history automatically there, and we can see all the communication channels in one place. For example, before we had a separated Wechat backends from every brand, now we have all of them in one place


(sample screenshot, no actual customer data)

  1. How do you feel about the current situation?

‘We are very happy and we get much more work done. Creating our monthly report is just a matter of running a report and the external systems are automatically updated with a live connection. Finally, we can 100% focus on giving our customers the best experience.

  1. Would you recommend our solution to others?

‘If they need a system that can handle all the customers communication channels, I would definitely recommend Clienk to them!’

  1. Will you keep using Clienk?

‘Yes, for sure!’

At the end of the interview :


Thank you very much for you time Rebecca, you helped a lot by giving the feedback.


You are welcome. I am satisfy with our current solution! And I really like the idea of this interview.


If anyone would like to know more about this interview or Clienk please contact us from wechat or our website. Thank you all for observing this interview, see you next time!